International Finance and Business

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Karel Brůna, Ph.D. –  Department of Monetary Theory and Policy

Departments involved: Department of Monetary Theory and Policy (FFÚ/FFA), Department of International Business (FMV/FIR)

Content of the minor specialization: The minor specialization enables students to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of international finance and business. The courses of this specialization are focused on financial risk analysis and management, use of foreign exchange operations within the foreign exchange open position, decision-making of financial and non-financial companies in financing international projects and asset portfolio management, management of strategies and communication processes in the area of trade in merchandise and services on international markets, and solving real problems of companies in the field of international business. Students will have a chance to develop their career in multinational and export/import-oriented manufacturing and trading companies or in the financial sector, especially in commercial banks and asset management companies.

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